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Why Choose Us?

If we want to stay healthy .There is no option but to eat fresh , organic , higenic food.we need to add more super foods to our daily diet.

Microgreens provided us the best option.they are dense in nutrients.

In Gwalior we are the first to provide you these little get these tiny shoots as fresh as they are grown by you.because we deliver the same day of harvesting.

Feed your children with these super foods.and keep them away from cancer,Obesity, diabetes and other life taking diseases.

City greens provide fresh microgreens.I like the flavour of microgreens some are spicy,some sweat and some nutty in taste.

Mayank srivastava

About Us

Vikas sharma

Farm owner

we are proud to introduce a variety of microgreens first time ever for the people of Gwalior.

Till now these were available only in metros.but now you also can have these extremely delicious and nutrient packed tiny shoots of Radish,mustard,red amaranth,pak Choi,fenugreek,sunflower pea shoots and many more.

We will provide you fresh wheat grass must be well aware about the amazing properties of fresh wheatgrass.

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